Big Bill's RC Raceway is an oval clay dirt track for racing RC, electric sprints, 2WD & 4WD late model cars, nitro sprints, stadium trucks, modified, 1/8th scale buggy & gas 1/4th scale sprints.







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Big Bill's RC Raceway 2011 season

Racing at Big Bill's every Saturday night. Starting at 5pm.

 New for 2011

13.5 Late Models

Will be using Rib Front Tires and either Inside Jobs or Flip Outs on rear.

1/8 Super Late Models will follow DLMRA Rules.

1/8 Electric Late Models will also be run and can have side dam like the Nitro cars. 4cell battery limit in this class.

1/10 2wd Electric Late Model Open Class.

Box stock Slash. Can run SC Late Model Body in both classes

Mod Slash    


Click here to read racing class rule changes.

Big Bill's RC Raceway - Where Winners Come to Race

Big Bill's RC Raceway is the fastest oval clay dirt track located in Broadwell, Illinois. We are open from the end of May to Mid-September every Saturday night . Our RC racing oval dirt track is for racing RC electric sprints, RC electric 4WD sedans, RC electric 2WD Trucks, RC electric 2WD late model cars. These cars are intended for modified or brushless motors with 4600 6 cell battery.

We also race on our RC oval dirt track, nitro classes including RC nitro sprints, RC nitro 2WD stadium trucks, RC east coast modified nitro and RC 1/8th scale buggy that must be 4WD with latemodel body. Big Bill's RC Raceway features remote control outside oval clay dirt track race 2 gas classes which are RC 1/4th scale sprints and RC 1/4th scale grand nationals.

Our oval clay track has a 20' wide lane and is
120' long X 80' across. Driveline is 260 feet.





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